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TitleTag Dodgeball
Description In this game every player is on their own team. There is one ball (a dodgeball) which can be caught or grabbed by and individual at any moment. When an individual has the ball they can only run three steps and then they have to freeze. They can either throw the ball at another individual in an attempt to get them out or they can bounce it to another individual as a pass. Individuals without the ball are able to run around at all moments. If someone throws a ball and it is caught by someone else then the throwing individual is out. Anyone hit by a ball that has not bounced is out. When an individual is out they sit on the floor, anyone who was hit by this individual may at this time stand back up and continue playing. The only way to end the game is for one individual to get everyone out.
DangersThis game is generally good but can get a bit rough if you have rough students in your group. Attempt to find a ball that balances softness (so that it doesn't hurt too bad) with speed (so that it flies well).