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TitleFour on a Couch
DescriptionPlayers are divided into two teams. Every player's name is written down on a slip of paper. Four players sit on a couch, they must be seated Team 1 - Team 2 - Team 1 - Team 2. Everyone else should sit in a circle around the couch (the couch should be part of the circle). Those around the couch should also be in the same Team 1 - Team 2 format so that each player has an opposing player on either side of them. Each player is given a piece of paper with a name on it. They shouldn't show this name to anyone. There should be one empty spot directly to the right of the couch. The person sitting to the right of the empty spot calls out a name. The person with that name sits in the empty spot. The person to the right of the new empty spot calls out a name and the person with that name moves to that spot. Every time a person takes an empty spot they should switch names with the person beside them. The objective is to get the opposing team members off the couch while getting your own on. When four team members from one team are on the couch - that team wins!