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DescriptionPlayers are divided into two teams. A "neutral zone" is created in the middle of the field. Each team has a respective field at the back of which is delineated a "jail." Players then run up to the neutral zone and attempt to pull players from the opposing team into their "field." If a player is pulled into the opposing teams "field" then that player must go to jail. Players may free their teammates from jail by throwing a dodgeball to them. If the player in jail catches the dodgeball before it hits the ground they are free. Players may block dodgeballs from entering the jail and thus block opposing team members from escaping.
DangersThere can be some violent tugging in this game. We play that guys cannot go directly against girls. But that a guy can help pull an opposing team member who is a girl across by pulling on a teammate who is a girl on his team. The same goes vice versa for girls.