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TitleRoly Poly.
DescriptionThis game must be played in groups, not larger than 12. Holes are dug in the ground with the heels of the shoe. These holes are placed about 6 inches apart in a line. They should be about 3 inches in diameter and at least one inch deep. A line is drawn 6 feet from the first hole. The one who is "It" must stand behind this line and roll a soft ball so that it will drop into one of the holes. If he misses, he continues to roll until he succeeds. If he succeeds, the one, into whose hole the ball rolls, runs forward, picks it up and endeavors to hit any other player from the position in which he picked up the ball. The rest may run in their effort to get away. Should he miss, a goose egg--(a small stone)--is placed in his hole. Should he succeed in hitting a player, a goose egg is placed in the hole of that player. The one to whom is awarded the goose egg is the next to roll the ball from the dead line in the endeavor to get it into a hole. The individual with the least goose eggs wins.
SourceDraper, Roly Poly.