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TitleAntony Over.
DescriptionA group is divided into two teams, A and B. The game is played around a small building, such as a small school house or wood shed, around which there is free running space. To team A is given a soft ball, such as a tennis or yarn ball. The ball is thrown over the building to team B. If it is caught by one of the players of team B, the whole team slips around the building, all going in the same direction, and trying to hit with the ball some one on team A before they can get around to the opposite side of the building. Team A tries to escape being hit by dodging and running around the building to the opposite side. If a player is hit, he goes to B side. The teams keep their new places and B throws the ball over to A. If the ball is not caught, it is thrown back and forth over the building until caught. The team which first hits all of its opponents wins, or a time limit may be agreed upon and the team having the greatest number of players at the end of that time, wins.
SourceDraper, Antony Over.