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TitleFruit Basket Upset.
DescriptionThe group is seated in a circle and counted off in 4's. The number 1's are given the name of oranges, number 2's lemons, number 3's bananas, number 4's apples. One of the individuals is selected to be "It". He takes his place in the centre of the group and one chair is taken out of the circle, leaving one less chair than there are players. "It" then calls the name of two fruits, for example, oranges and lemons. Thereupon all of the oranges must exchange places with all of the lemons and "It" endeavors to capture one of the seats. Succeeding, the one left without a seat is "It" and calls two other kinds of fruit. These two must change places and "It" endeavors to capture a seat. Should "It" say "Fruit basket", instead of naming two fruits, all must change seats.
SourceDraper, Fruit Basket.