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TitleMr. Goober
DescriptionYou select a "Mr. Goober" who stands in the middle of the playing field. All the rest of the players stand at one end of the field and shout, "Mr Goober, Mr Goober may we please cross your big wide what-not?" Mr. Goober may then either say "no" or "yes" with certain conditions. To those he says yes they may walk across without being tagged. The rest must ask the question again and when he says no they must run in an attempt to get to the other side of the field without being tagged. If they are tagged they have to freeze and become "Gooberites." A Gooberite can't move their feet but can lean with their body and use their hands to tag those running. This continues till everyone except one person is eliminated, this person then is the next Mr. Goober.