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TitleHindu Blind Reading.
DescriptionSlips of paper are given to all of the guests and they are instructed to write thereupon a brief sentence of three or four words and to carefully fold the paper. These messages are then collected, and the Hindu Mystic proceeds to amaze his auditors by rubbing the messages, still folded, one after another across his forehead and telling what is written on the folded paper. The Trick--The message reader has an accomplice who is instructed to acknowledge that he wrote the first note read by the mystic, no matter what that note may be. The mystic makes up in his mind a brief sentence after rubbing the first slip of paper on his head. This sentence is acknowledged by the accomplice. The mystic, after having the note acknowledged, opens it apparently to corroborate his reading, but in reality he is reading the note written by someone else. Upon rubbing the next slip of paper across his forehead, he announces the contents of the note last read, which naturally is acknowledged with wonderment on the part of the individual who wrote it. He then apparently looks at this slip of paper, but in reality he looks at the paper which he next intends to read.
SourceDraper, Hindoo Blind Reading.