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TitleTraditional Dodgeball
DescriptionStudents are divided into two teams. A dividing line is made down the middle of the field and dodgeballs are placed in the middle of the field along the dividing line. Each time lines up against the wall of their respective side. The referee calls out "Go" and both teams rush for the balls. A player is out when they are hit by the ball thrown by an opposing team member or if they step across the dividing line. Members who are "out" should stand on the sidelines of their teams side. If a player on their team catches the ball of an opposing team member than the opposing team member is out and one player from the same team as ball catcher is in. This continues until one team is eliminated.
DangersThis game, depending on the students, can become more like a war than a game. Oftentimes students are okay with two or three games of this type but it is not recommended to play it for long periods of time or repeatedly less rivarlies build up. A good alternative game is Tag Dodgeball which doesn't seem to form as many rivalries.