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TitleEarth, Air, Fire, Water.
DescriptionTeams are arranged as in previous games. A member of team "A" is given an object, which can be conveniently passed or tossed across the table. The game starts by his passing the object to any member of the opposing team. In passing the object, he says one of the four words: "Earth, air, fire or water." If the word "earth" is used, he must name some animal; if the word "air" is used, the one receiving the object must name some bird; if the word "water" is used, he must name some fish, and keep quiet if the word "fire" is used. If the word used requires an answer, the one to whom the object is passed must give the name before the one who has passed the object can count ten. Failing to do this, one point is scored by team "A". The one on team "B" to whom the object was passed, passes same back to any member of team "A" and says any of the four words.
SourceDraper, Earth, Air, Fire, Water.