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TitleName Writing Race.
DescriptionThe teams are arranged on opposite sides of the table. A long slip of paper and a pencil are handed to two players sitting opposite at the head of the table. At the signal to "go" the two players holding the paper write their last names upon it and pass the slip on to the next player on their side. The second player on each team must write the first name of the preceding player in its proper place on the slip and write his own last name directly under that of the preceding player and then pass the slip on to the third player, and so it continues until it reaches the last player. He follows the example of the other players, leaving space for his first name. The slips are then passed back to the head of the table where the first name of the last man must be written down by the player at the head of the table. When this is done they stand and hold the paper above their heads. The team first succeeding in this wins. Each player must give to the player next following him his first name. The last player on each team will have to shout his name, so that the one at the head of the table may be able to fill it in before ending the race.
SourceDraper, Name Writing Race.