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TitlePotato Race.
DescriptionTwo peach baskets and two potatoes, stones or blocks of wood for each contestant are needed for each team. One basket is placed before each team on the base line and one directly opposite on the distance line. The potatoes are placed in the basket on the base line. The first player takes a position on the right hand side of the basket behind the base line, with a potato in his hand. At the signal to start, he runs around the basket on the distance line, dropping his potato therein. He returns, running around the basket on the base line, picks up the second potato, which he carries and drops into the far basket, as he circles it. He then returns and tags off the next player on the team, who, after being tagged, picks up the first potato and carries it to the far basket, returning for his second. Each player in turn carries two potatoes, one at a time. Both baskets must be circled in carrying the potatoes forward. The player is not allowed to touch the basket in running around it. If his potato fails to go into the basket, he must pick it up and put it in before he goes for his second potato or touches off the next runner. The last player on each team ends the race by crossing the base line after having properly deposited his two potatoes in the far basket.
SourceDraper, Potato Race.