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TitlePoison Club.
DescriptionSmall logs, flat on one end, are lined up between the base and distance lines in front of each team. There should be at least five of these for each team and they should not be placed more than three feet apart, set on their flat end in a straight line. At the signal to go the first member of each team hops forward across the distance line, hopping to the right of the first club, to the left of the second, to the right of the third and so on in and out until he has cleared all the clubs. He then completes the distance, hopping to the distance line. From there he may run back and tag off the next member on his team. Should he knock over any of the clubs, he must stop and set it up without touching more than one foot to the ground, before he can proceed to the next club. The race ends when the last individual runs across the base line.
SourceDraper, Poison Club.