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TitleTwisted Old Maid (TOM)
DescriptionThis is a twist on the conventional "Old Maid" Card game. This can be played with any number of people. You really don't want to be the old maid in this one. First you need a deck of 52 cards. Remove one card (no one can look at this card). Before the cards are passed out you must choose a dare or funny stunt that the loser must do. Use your imagination on this one - it can be anything! We have used anything from walking around like a chicken at a hotel lobby to not being able to talk for x minutes. The options are endless! Once you have chosen something deal the cards all out. Each person picks one card from the person on their left as the play proceeds around the group. As you match up the pairs you lay them down.. the last person with a card in their hand is the Old Maid! They then have to do the agreed upon action.
DangersDepends on what the goup comes up with for "dares". Monitor this..