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DescriptionSit in a circle with one person in the middle. Everyone chooses a "sign" for this game. They usually retain that sign for future games. The sign is a simple hand gesture (e.g. peace symbol, touch finger to nose, wave, ear tug, etc.). Everyone tries to learn each person's signs for the game. The person in the middle closes his eyes and someone is selected to start off with an invisible ball. The center person then opens his eyes and begins guessing who has the "ball". Meanwhile the ball is being passed around the circle by performing the handsign. A pass must be made by the person who has the "ball" performing the sign of the person he wants to pass it to. The "ball" is received by that person performing his own sign. To add to the confusion, everyone in continuously doing the person in the middle's sign. The invisible "ball" can be passed around until the person in the middle may ask anyone if they have the ball (he must be facing them when he asks). They must answer truthfully. It continues until he catches someone with the "ball". That person becomes it and the group then begins doing their sign. The person leaving the middle selects the person who begins the next round with the "ball".
SourceCamp game from one of my youth, has been played in our district for years