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TitleDeath Ball
DescriptionThis is a game for the pool. Get about 20 beach balls from the dollar store. Divide into 2 teams--one into the deep end, one into the shallow--best swimmers obviously go into the deep end). Put 10 balls on each side. On "GO" each team tries to get all 20 balls into the other team's side. One player on each side is allowed out of the pool to get stray balls. No balls may intentionally be thrown outside of the pool. Balls will be constantly flying back into their side, but eventually one team will tire and the other will win.
DangersMake sure players can swim.
VariantsWe play this in our gym with about 50 golf plastic practice balls. It seems like the game that never ends, but someone always does within about 5 - 10 minutes per round.
SourceMade it up.