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TitleFour on a Couch
Description-Setup: Create a circle of chairs one greater in number than players. Place 4 of the chairs in a straight line to create the "couch". Write down the names of each player on a piece of paper and place in a hat. -Gameplay: Have each player draw a name from the hat this is their new name. Have player sit every other person according to teams. This is especially important on the couch. To start the game, the player to the left of the empty chair calls out any name. The player who's paper has that name on it, stands up and sits in the empty seat. Play continues with the person who is now to the left of an empty seat. The goal of the game is to get 4 of your teams players onto the couch by kicking the other team off the couch. Continue calling out names until one team has all four players on the couch.
Variants-Once teams have gotten good at playing the game, you can have them switch names with the person who called them to make it more challenging to remember the names