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TitlePrince of Wales
DescriptionAny number can play this game. The players stand in a line around the room and number themselves, beginning with one, until each has a number. The leader, who has no number and who has charge of the game, begins by saying-- "The Prince of Wales has lost his hat, all on account of No. 1, Sir;" then No. 1 says: "No, sir, not I, sir, No. 5, (or any number he wishes), sir." Then No. 5, repeats what No. 1 said, giving another number instead of 5; but if he fails to respond, then the leader says, "No. 5 to the foot, sir," and then all those who were below No. 5 move up one, and thus their number becomes one less. The leader begins again and he must be very quick to send those to the foot, who fail to respond.
SourceHofman, Prince of Wales.