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TitleCoins and Keys
DescriptionTwo equal teams are formed. The two teams each form a line parallel to the other team. The members of the team hold hands all down the line. At one end is a person with a coin, and at the other end is a chair with a set of keys on it. All players except the two closest to the coin flipper look in the direction of the keys while the coin is flipped. If the coin is heads, the team will squeeze each others hands in an attempt to send a message down the line so that their team will be the first to grab the keys (note: silence is of the essence, and only the one person from each team closest to the keys may grab them). If your team gets the keys and the coin was heads, then the person at the front of your line moves to the back and is in charge of grabbing the keys. This game works best with a larger group (20+) and can increase in fun if you switch up whether it is heads or tails that causes one to grab for the keys.
SourcePaul Mackey (3dayslater).