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TitleDouble Ball
Description This is a semi-rough game. You need a dodgeball and a monster ball (one of those giant ones that is three or so feet high). The bases are set to take up half of the field. There are four bases like in kickball/dodgeball. The ball is pitched underhand to the hitter who hits it with a bat and begins running. If they are hit in any way by the ball, they are out. Meanwhile, the very large ball is in either the right or left corner of the out-field. This ball cannot be thrown, only kicked. If it hits the runner they are out. One receives two points for every run scored, one point for every run that someone else makes while they are the batter. We played this game with only five people. Each person was their own team, two people were up to bat at a time.
SourceMatt Wilt, Jon Hui, Josh Hostetter, James Holt, David Mackey.