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Privacy Policy.

1. We will not sell or give away your email address or personal information. The only instance in which we would share your information with a third party is if required by law (e.g. in a criminal investigation).
2. We (as almost every site does) gather generic information that allows us to statistically monitor how our site is doing - where people are coming from (e.g. search engines, email, links, bookmarks), where they are from (e.g. Kansas or New York), what sort of computer they use (e.g. a PC or a Mac). This information is not used to personally identify you but rather for statistical purposes.
3. We have third party advertisers who provide the ads to external sites on our site. These third parties are well-respected members of their professions and work with thousands - if not hundreds of thousands of websites. These third parties also gather general statistical information that allows them to target the ads to you, to ensure that clicks on ads are real and not malicious, etc.
4. To summarize - we don't want to abuse our relationship with you, we do keep statistics on who visits and some third-parties also keep these statistics but neither us nor the third parties seek out personally identifiable information about you.
5. We cannot control the actions of third parties once you leave our site. Our privacy policy applies only to this website and any third party content on it.
6. In the case of a breach of privacy you agree that you will not hold us legally liable as long as we did not maliciously cause this breach.